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End-of-the-Tether Expeditions arose as a response to our disillusionment from the growing polarisation of travel options: On the one hand, one can opt for an organised tour which groups like-minded people together in a uniform, completely inflexible itinerary. This can be beneficial for an introduction to a region or for those with extremely limited time, but would be very frustrating for those who wish to learn about foreign places and people in greater detail. On the other hand, one can choose the independent route which presents the veil of uniqueness. However, all too often these trips turn into a different type of uniform experience guided by the common insights of Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Let's Go, or some other mass-produced travel handbook.

End-of-the-Tether Expeditions are different.

We don't have fixed itineraries. We focus on a country or region of interest and make only basic arrangements for the start of the expedition. In this way we ensure that every experience is different.

Participants can join an expedition on far shorter notice than a traditional tour group.

Our expeditions include lectures and study materials on the history, nature, archaeology, and anthropology of the selected country/region.

Our expeditions are led by seasoned travellers with deep knowledge and contacts within the selected country/region.

We are very selective about who we accept on our expeditions. We choose individuals based on their written essays and self assessments, research interests, and skills base, as well as with consideration to anticipated group dynamics.

Our goals are primarily educational, not economic. 5% of the profits from each expedition's fees are donated to local charities in the country/region of interest.