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One of the fortunate outcomes of Burmah's relative isolation is that it is the one country within Southeast Asia to have retained the greatest degree of indigenous traditions. An intoxicating culture and warm people welcome travellers. We can say with all candour that travelling in Burmah will be one of the most delightful experiences you will ever encounter.

Our expedition will convene initially in the capital, Rangoon, but will depart almost immediately for roads less travelled. In keeping with our philosophy at End-of-the-Tether Expeditions, we are not able to be more specific about the places we will be exploring, although they will certainly include the world-renowned sites of Pagan and Inle Lake. Prior to arrival in Rangoon we shall be sending all selected participants a briefing package containing updated information on the country, recommended inoculations, useful Burmese phrases, what to pack, etc. We shall also circulate the profiles of all participants as well as their chosen research topics. We shall be conducting individual interviews in selected locations to ensure the highest standards of selection of our expedition participants as well as to promote the invaluable personal contact that is paramount in all adventure missions.



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The Padaung