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Our expeditions start on the designated date and it is your responsibility to arrive within the designated time-frame and meet up with the rest of the group. You must advise us of your arrival details at least 30 days before the expedition starts. We strive to meet every member of our team at the airport on the arrival date. It is of course possible for you to use any means you prefer to travel, or arrive earlier. It is also conceivable that you could join a tour after the start date, but please note that the full expedition participation fee will still be payable. Often, team members decide to extend their sojourn after the "official" end of the expedition in order to further explore parts of the country or a particular aspect of it, a project made easier as they have already become familiar with the destination and have in the meantime become friends with other like-minded individuals from the group. You may want to factor this potentiality into your travel plans, if you have the time.


Our team stays in selected local accommodations according to availability. A minimum standard of cleanliness can be expected in larger cities, but you must be prepared for much more basic arrangements when we move off the beaten track.


We operate under a total immersion approach as far as our expedition needs for food are concerned. This means that we will endeavour to introduce all members immediately to the local cuisine, explain its -- sometimes significant -- historical and cultural status, and assist them in learning to appreciate its nuances and flavours. We favour local and traditional eating establishments, away from designated tourist haunts, where you will find yourself sampling all the richness of Southeast Asian culinary traditions. We would usually eat as a group in such restaurants but, of course, you are free to stick to your special diet if you wish, or eat wherever and whenever you choose.

Lectures & Study Material

End-of-the-Tether Expeditions are committed to maximising the learning experience for each of our participants, and your expedition leaders will be passing along their considerable knowledge about the culture and history of Southeast Asia via formal lectures. You will also benefit from lectures given by local experts on various topics of academic interest. Prior to each expedition, we prepare a customised package of research materials and suggested supplementary readings, and make this accessible online to confirmed expedition participants, in our private 'Members Only' section. We also provide you with comprehensive practical information on travelling in the region, such as disease prevention.

Participation Fees

The cost of participating in an End-of-the-Tether expedition is normally around GBP 750 / USD 1,100. This fee covers all accommodation and internal (overland) travel at the destination, all site and museum admission charges, the daily lectures, guided tours and study materials. Your participation fee does not include:

  1. Food: Our experience has shown this to be the most convenient arrangement and it also helps to keep our costs down. That said, very good food comes at really low prices in Southeast Asia so you need not worry about this item in your budget. Given our anticipated travel areas, you would be hard-pressed to spend more than GBP 7 / USD 10 per day on meals, regardless of how much you eat!
  2. Flights: You are also responsible for your flights to our destination. We advise you to shop around for the best fares that will ensure your arrival on the day we begin. Do not forget your visas and your inoculations!
  3. Insurance: It is an extremely prudent idea to purchase travel insurance covering emergency medical costs, loss of baggage, flight cancellation, etc. Check with your current medical insurance provider to determine whether your benefits extend to foreign travels. The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office has a general discussion on the topic of Travel Insurance. One source of insurance for travellers of any nationality is STA Travel.

Payment Schedule

One of the problems that package holidays create is that the tour operators require the entire cost to be paid up front, and if you must cancel your plans they do not give you a refund. At End-of-the-Tether Expeditions we do not do this. We only ask you for a reservation payment of GBP 200 / USD 300 payable by cheque to us, so as to secure your position in the team. The balance is to be paid six weeks prior to the expedition's scheduled commencement date. This page provides further details on the legal terms of our expeditions.