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alexD.A. M.-Alexander Floudas
Mr. Floudas has organised numerous long-term expeditions within Southeast Asia over a number of years and has offered advice to several teams and individuals. He has personally collaborated with H.E. the Minister of Tourism of Sarawak and has conducted tourism-impact studies on Siberut island for the West Sumatra Dinas Pariwisata. He maintains research interests in paleo-anthropology, archaeology, and religious studies. In addition, he is the official Curator of End-of-the-Tether's substantial photographic archive and rare artifacts and antiquities collection, as well as an undisputed authority on the region's nightlife. Mr. Floudas is a Senior Member of Hughes Hall College, Cambridge and is fluent in several European languages whilst he occasionally gets by in Bahasa. He remains one of the few Westerners to have been allowed to actively participate in the rare all-night 'dream-catching' ritual of the Borneo Iban and is blood-brother to a Dayak from a longhouse on the Tunoh River. He can be reached at: alexander(at)endofthetether(dot)com.

shuyihWong Shu Yih
As someone born and bred within a Straits Settlements Chinese family, Miss Wong is extremely well-placed to be au fait with and relate the intricacies of Chinese cultural influence throughout Southeast Asia, from the artistic to the culinary. She is fluent in five Chinese dialects, Bahasa Melayu and a number of European languages and is currently reading for an advanced degree in Paris. Her research interests include 19th century history, calligraphy and linguistics. Moreover, she has conducted surveys on modern Asian matrimonial attitudes and on the paranormal beliefs in everyday society. Miss Wong is very active in local charity work and spends most of her free time and weekends managing the donations and liaising with our selected aid organisations (although she is partial to grasshopppers at Harry's Bar). She is a seasoned traveller, a gifted lecturer, a keen researcher and one of our most popular expedition leaders. She can be reached at: shuyih(at)endofthetether(dot)com.

LSP PrabhuL.S. Peter Prabhu
Mr. Prabhu has lived and worked in Asia for several years and maintains End-of-the-Tether's extensive contacts in the region. He also works in the media industry and splits his time between New York, Singapore, and Moscow. He was an official guest of the Sarawak Government in the first-ever Manang conference in Kapit. Mr. Prabhu has travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and more widely -- at last count to over 70 countries. He maintains End-of-the-Tether's extensive research library, containing rare publications as well as a wealth of modern material on numerous research topics concerning Asia. His individual research interests lie in the fields of palangology, entomology and the ancient Pali Buddhist scriptures. Mr. Prabhu is particularly interested in Oriental beliefs and the impact of missionary activity, and he holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from Cambridge University. He has taken courses in Mandarin and remains an accomplished negotiator, invariably endearing himself to the locals. He can be reached at: lspp(at)endofthetether(dot)com.

doktornorNor A. Hamid
Mr. Hamid is based in Singapore and serves as a central coordinatory focus for End-of-the-Tether Expeditions during non-travelling periods (=EOT jargon for the archipelago monsoon season). He combines an incomparable in-depth knowledge of the region with limitless vigour and tenacious stamina, leading some of the most strenuous -- but at the same time tremendously rewarding -- tours. Mr. Hamid is a recognised scholar of Koranic studies and an expert on Islamic art, architecture and philology in Southeast Asia. His other research interests include ethnobotany, comparative anatomy and ornithology, in addition to being an accomplished sportsman who has represented Singapore at national level. Mr. Hamid serves as a liaison with the authorities in the area and a facilitator for securing otherwise unobtainable permits and authorisations. Notwithstanding his hardy action-filled reputation during our tours, most of his remaining time is spent enjoying tiffin at the Bar & Billiard Room. He can be reached at: nor(at)endofthetether(dot)com.