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"Arap ke kita Tuai Rumah olih meri kereja sama lalu nerang ke pengawa enggau pengidup kitai bansa Iban. Lalu pia mega enggau main asal bansa kitai mega."
-- Nicholas Bunto Abit, Pen. Setiausaha, Majlis Daerah Kapit

"Their presence in our midst has made me nostalgic for the old days of Colonial Burmah. Dr. Nor especially has been a most worthy representative -- we hope to encounter him in the future."
-- Major Bansing, Maytown

"These gentlemen are among the handful of representatives of the West whom we've trusted to interact with our most traditional cultures. Their cultural sensitivity and inobtrusiveness are legendary."
-- Reverend Sirani Pillai, Miri

"Alex and Peter have been of tremendous assistance in helping to delineate our tourism infrastructure and sustainable development priorities."
-- Khin Mar Tun, Rangoon

"It has been a pleasure hosting End-of-the-Tether expeditions in our humble longhouse. Our community truly appreciates the opportunity to exchange views with their very interesting team members. Thanks especially to Peter for donating his rugged footwear."
-- Pengulu Engin, Belaga

"Thanks to End-of-the-Tether's efforts, we have been able to acquire many English language books for our school. Terima kasih!"
-- John Ugong, Guru Besar, Belaga

"As a participant in the Indochine 2014 expedition, I was overwhelmed by their expertise and relentless pursuit of unique experiences on behalf of the expedition team. "
-- Sasha D. Kocasovich, Almaty